Applications are closed for performing in the 8th annual New South Comedy Festival in Greenville, SC. For 7 years we have brought hundreds of comedy acts (North Coast, Magnet Tourco, Drum Machine, Julian McCullough, Magic Negro, Pop Roulette, Coworkers, Sister’s Three, Thunderstood) and workshops from the countries best instructors (iO, UCB, Magnet Theatre, The Pack, Theatre 99, Dad’s Garage, HUGE Theater) to the beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. And we’re doing it again!

This year we are requiring that all performers on stage and students in workshops be vaccinated.

All performances and workshops will be in Greenville, SC from November 4-13th, 2021. The first weekend will primarily be stand-up and sketch comedy shows. The second weekend will mostly be improv comedy acts. Accepted performers will be contacted before the end of September.

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