Submissions are currently open for the 2019 Festival

November 1st-10th, 2018


Featuring performers from Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Orlando, Washington D.C., Austin, Rhode Island, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Louisville, Raleigh/Durham, Denver, Charlotte, Charleston, Greensboro, Asheville, and here in Upstate! SOON you’ll be able to click image of each show for details and tickets or click here for a full festival pass!

Thursday, November 1st 7:30pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from GLOC (Greenville/Charlotte), Benjamin Collins (Louisville, KY), Chris Freeland (Greenville, SC), Andrew Lockair (Greenville, SC), Larry Weaver (Durham, NC)

 Thursday, November 1st 9:00pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from Ben Malone (Raleigh, NC), Jessica Noll (Charlotte, NC), Aaron Cardwell (Burlington, NC), Joseph Coker (Charleston, SC), Matt White (Raleigh, NC)

Friday, November 2nd 6:00pm



Friday, November 2nd 7:30pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from Matthew Deakins (Manassas, VA), Brendon Lemon (Chicago, IL)
Gregory Hold (New York, NY), Steve Turgeon (Barrington, RI), Megan Goetz (Philadelphia, PA)

Friday, November 2nd 9:00pm

STAND-UP and IMPROV COMEDY from Sam Clark (Denver, CO), Adrian Harris (Springfield, VA), Jackie Skinner (Queens, NY), Local Legends All-stars (Everywhere, USA)

Friday, November 2nd 10:30pm

SKETCH COMEDY from The Knox By Night Band (Knoxville, TN), Bangin’ (Brooklyn, NY), Robot Johnson (Charlotte, NC)

Saturday, November 3rd 6:00pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from Ray Jubela (Washington, DC), Jmarc Perry (Williamsburg, VA), Eitan Levine (New York, NY), Ben Sweet (Jacksonville, FL), Art Sturtevant (Asheville, NC)

Saturday, November 3rd 7:30pm

SKETCH COMEDY from Sisters Three (New York, NY)

Saturday, November 3rd 9:00pm

IMPROV and SKETCH COMEDY from Mettlesome Tourco (Durham, NC), Homemaking with Hera (Greenville, SC), and Mystery Meat (Charleston, SC)

Saturday, November 3rd 10:30pm

MID-FESTIVAL FINALE featuring a mix of Stand-up, Sketch, & Improv from Katie Johnston (Jacksonville, FL) Peter Moses (Los Angeles, CA), Unstoppable Failure (Greensboro, NC) and Festival All-Stars (Everywhere, USA)

Sunday, November 4th 7:30pm

All-Star Local Legends: Improv Inspired by poetry from Wits End Poetry

Monday, November 5th 7:30pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from Greenville’s No Expectations All-Stars

Tuesday, November 6th 7:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Improv 101 students (Greenville, SC), Laughing Stock (Greenville, SC), and Sparkle City Improv (Spartanburg, SC)

Wednesday, November 7th 7:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from 201 students (Greenville, SC), Never Decaf (Greer, SC), Mom’s Adhesive (Charlotte, NC)

Thursday, November 8th 7:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Family Pack (Greenville, SC), No Strings Attached (Greenville, SC), Blank Slate (Asheville, NC)

Thursday, November 8th 9:00pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Mom’s New Girlfriend (Greenville, SC), Syndication (Greenville, SC), Cardigan Party (Atlanta, GA)

Friday, November 9th 6:00pm

YOUTH IMPROV COMEDY from Walking Shadows (Liberty, SC), Adliberation (Greenville, SC), Get the Hook (Burnsville, NC)

Friday, November 9th 7:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Abraham (Greenville, SC), Channel Surfers (Atlanta, GA), HS2 (Chapel Hill, NC)

Friday, November 9th 9:00pm

Hunnicut & Harrison (LA/GVL), Four First Names (Orlando, FL), Local Legends All-stars (Everywhere, USA)

Friday, November 9th 10:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Kissmet (Greenville, SC), Freddy, Sara, and Andrew Have a Dance Party (Atlanta, GA), RonDon Martelli (Austin, TX)

Saturday, November 10th 6:00pm

COLLEGE IMPROV COMEDY from NouN (Appalachian State University), Mock Turtle Soup (Clemson University), College Improv Alumni Show (Real World, USA)

Saturday, November 10th 7:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Hijinx (Greenville, SC), Land Mermaids (Chapel Hill, NC), Other People’s Parents (Atlanta, Georgia)

Saturday, November 10th 9:00pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Monolith (Greenville, SC), Impersonally Victimized (Raleigh, NC), Co-Workers (Atlanta, GA)

Saturday, November 10th 10:30pm

FESTIVAL FINALE featuring a mix of Stand-up & Improv from Chris Martin (Atlanta, GA), Boyf (New York, NY), and Festival All-Stars (Everywhere, USA)

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