November 10th-15th, 2020


This year’s digital festival features 14 shows of improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy with nearly 200 performers. Featuring talent live from their home cities in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, D.C., Orlando, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Diego, Charlotte, and across the country! Click on the time (all times are EST) of each show for the show link and click here to purchase a full festival pass!

Tuesday, November 10th 7:30pm

Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 12.58.35 AMLaughter Party: An Improv Comedy Game Show with William Kean

Tuesday, November 10th 9:00pm

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Stand-up Meets Improv Festival Jam

Wednesday, November 11th 7:30pm

Roast Yerself: A Stand-up Comedy Game Show with Ronny Pascale

Wednesday, November 11th 9:00pm

Alchemy Comedy Stand-up Comedy Class Student Showcase

Thursday, November 12th 7:30pm

clt showA Night of Improv with the Queen City

Thursday, November 12th 9:00pm

download (2)Stand-up Comedy from Vickie Plummer (NYC), Carol Johnson (San Diego), Reuben Wolf (Astoria), Anaïs Lucia (Miami Beach), Nick Carter (NYC), and Nicole Yates (Burbank, CA)

Thursday, November 12th 10:30pm

International Improv Jam Co-hosted by Queen City Comedy

Friday, November 13th 6:00pm

King of the Mountain: Competitive Improv Comedy (Greenville, SC)

Friday, November 13th 7:30pm

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Stand-up Comedy from Nguyen Seymour (Salt Lake City), Gene Morgan (NYC), Veronica Garza (Brooklyn), TL DeVaney (Seattle), Hedi Sandberg (Silver Spring, Maryland), and Emily Via (NYC)

Friday, November 13th 9:00pm

improv 1IMPROV COMEDY from Haymaker (Greenville, SC), BOYF (NYC), and Local Legends (Greenville, SC)

Friday, November 13th 10:30pm

sketch music
Musical & Sketch Comedy from Ross Childs (Chicago), The Looners (Indiana), & The Mothers (Columbia)

Saturday, November 14th 6:00pm

The N Crowd Presents the “N-Quisition, a Battle of Wits” (Philadelphia, PA)

Saturday, November 14th 7:30pm

improv logo 2Improv Comedy from Hemlock (NYC), Femme Four (Traverse City, MI), and Sweetheart (NYC)

Saturday, November 14th 9:00pm

Quarantined Together: Improv Comedy from homes across the country

Saturday, November 14th 10:30pm

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.18.49 PM
Festival Finale featuring stand-up from Vinayak Pal (San Jose, CA) and Ronny Pascale  (NYC), sketch comedy from Mark Kendall (Atlanta, GA), and improv comedy from the Festival All-Stars and Alumni (Everywhere, USA)

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