November 3-12th, 2016

Featuring performers from NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Knoxville, Baton Rouge, Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Savannah, Durham, Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte, Charleston, and here in the Upstate and surrounding areas. Click the image of each show for details and tickets.



Thursday, November 3rd 7:30pm


STAND-UP COMEDY from PD Bachman (Greenville), Travis Jones (ATL), Miguel Osornio (Spartanburg), Jessica Mears (NYC), and Tracey Carnazzo (NYC)


Thursday, November 3rd 9:00pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from Quinton Wilde (Columbia), Michael Brown (ATL), Courtney Tyson (CLT), Luke Schwartz (Los Angeles), Aaron Chasteen (Knoxville)



Friday, November 4th 7:30pm

SKETCH COMEDY from Robot Johnson, Unstoppable Failure, & The Magic Negro and Other Blackness


Friday, November 4th 9:00pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Hal, The Celebration Solo Show, & Local Legends All-stars


Friday, November 4th 10:30pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from Christian Rodriguez (Baton Rouge), Erich Laux (Ann Arbor), Marc Staudenmaier (Philadelphia), L. Michelle (Brooklyn) and live podcast from the Bearded Ones



Saturday, November 5th 6:00pm

New South Comedy Festival Presents: Stand-up Meets Improv All-Stars

Saturday, November 5th 7:30pm

SKETCH COMEDY from Pineapple-Shaped Lamps & The Magic Negro and Other Blackness


Saturday, November 5th 9:00pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from JM Baldwin (Raleigh), Brandon Rainwater (Greenville), Alli Brown (NYC), Meg Indurti (Chicago), Tyler Fowler (Chicago), William Kean (NYC)


Saturday, November 5th 10:30pm

SKETCH COMEDY FINALE from Nameless Numberhead & Thunderstood



Sunday, November 6th 7:30pm

All-Star Local Legends: Improv Inspired by poetry from Wits End Poetry



Monday, November 7th 7:30pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from No Expectations All-Stars



Tuesday, November 8th 7:30pm

Deflection 2016: A Political Sketch Comedy Show



Wednesday, November 9th 7:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from 101 Student Showcase, Means to an End & Mock Turtle Soup


Wednesday, November 9th 9:00pm

IMPROV COMEDY from 201 Student Showcase, Laughing Stock, Air Bud & MTS Alumni



Thursday, November 10th 7:30pm

STAND-UP COMEDY from Julian McCullough (Tonight Show, Conan, Chelsea Lately, Inside Amy Schumer, Comedy Central Presents)

Thursday, November 10th 9:00pm

All-Star Local Legends: Improv Inspired by stories from Julian McCullough (Headlining Stand-up Comic)



Friday, November 11th 7:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Blacklist (Asheville, NC), Bree&Cyd (Savannah, GA), and Big Ol’ Show (Atlanta, GA)


Friday, November 11th 9:00pm

IMPROV COMEDY from 6 Cats in a Bed (Charlotte, NC), Cardigan Party (Atlanta, GA), and Chloroform (Los Angeles, CA)


Friday, November 11th 10:30pm

IMPROV COMEDY from NouN (Boone, NC), Monolith (Greenville, SC), Local Legends All-Stars (Everywhere, USA)



Saturday, November 12th 6:00pm

New South Comedy Festival Presents: Improv All-Stars: Fast-paced Clean Comedy Games


Saturday, November 12th 7:30pm

NYC STAND-UP COMEDY from Boris Khaykin, Brandon Scott Wolf, Anne Victoria Clark, and Derek Humphrey (Dankstop Comedy Tour)


Saturday, November 12th 9:00pm

IMPROV COMEDY from Haymaker (Greenville, SC) & The 3 Insane Rituals (Los Angeles, CA)


Saturday, November 12th 10:30pm

IMPROV FINALE from Riot (Durham, NC), Big Ol’ Show (Atlanta, GA), Local Legends All-stars (Everywhere, USA)


***Bonus Festival Show***

Thursday, November 17th 7:30pm

MUSICAL COMEDY Grimm and Bear It: The Misfit Theater Company