We have veteran guest performers from across the country in the festival and some are also teaching a workshops Friday, Saturday, and Sunday both weekends! All improv, sketch, and stand-up workshops are $50 and run from 2-2.5 hours. As an early bird offer, you can use the promo code “threefer” to get 10% off if you register for 3 or more workshops! Last year we almost sold out every seat for workshops so be sure to register in advance. The full schedule is below.


Friday, November 3rd

4:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Andy Livengood: Character Construction

Do you have a problem playing characters in your improv? Do you feel like your stuck in a rut, playing the same four people over and over again? Do you want to stretch your range? If you answered yes to any of these, this is the workshop for you! In this fun and fast paced workshop you’ll learn how to create spontaneous characters. You’ll learn how to strengthen the people you already play and how to create personas that you didn’t know you had in you. Using high energy and fun techniques Andy will help you build unique, complex, and strong characters to take back to your improv and sketch performances. This class will combine communication techniques, clowning exercise, and improv to build your new characters “from the ground up.” Every student will walk away with new fun characters in their back pocket.


Saturday, November 4th

10:00am STAND-UP/STORYTELLING WORKSHOP with Natasha Samreny: Funny Story

Are you a storyteller trying to get into stand-up or work some humor into a piece? Or a comedian wanting to stretch that bit, and link those jokes into a more packed narrative? This workshop will focus on how to find the funny in your story. Bring a set or some ideas you’re workshopping. We’ll learn some tools to tighten it up.


12:30pm MUSICAL IMPROV WORKSHOP with William Kean: The Opening Number

I can Show You the World… of musical improv. Learn how to open an improv show with song. Turn those backline moves into full on choruses and kicklines. In this workshop you’ll learn “the opening number” which is one of the five musical improv song structures. You’ll also learn how to chorus captain and dance captain an improvised musical number. Bonus: Once you know the Opening Number you pretty much know 3 of the 5 musical improv song structures (Chorus/Verse and Verse/Chorus songs are both basically shortened opening numbers). Local professional pianist Shelton Love will be accompanying this workshop.

12:30pm WORKSHOP with Andy Livengood: Improv to Solo Performance

This class will focus on creating solo sketches and character monologues. Students will use improv to create compelling, unique characters then learn how to place these characters in scenes for maximum comedic effect. Students will leave the class with a few specific ideas to mine for future sketch shows or solo performances.


3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Will Luera: Edit Toolbelt

Lets go shopping and add some new edits to your repertoire. This class will consist of casual window browsing of over a dozen different edits. We will start with simple techniques and slowly build to more theatrical and aesthetically complicated editing techniques in the unique style Free-form Improvisation. We’ll practice them, talk about them and if you like them, you can take them home!


Sunday, November 5th

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Will Luera: Scene Diagnostics

This workshop focuses on a line-by-line deconstruction of your scenes to see what works and what doesn’t. The first third of the class will look at scene openings. We will focus on making strong verbal, non-verbal and physical offers and then on how to properly build off of that idea together. The second third will look at the meat of the scene. We will explore aspects of heightening, playing the game and exploring the relationship of the scene. The final third will focus on ending the scene. We will look at strategies on ending scenes that will be satisfying for both the audience and the performers.


Friday, November 10th

3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Kevin Mullaney: Unleash Your Improv

When you improvise, do you surprise yourself? In this workshop, we will explore adding a little chaos into your scenes on purpose. Change the subject, state your opinion emphatically before you know what it is, make up a long story in the middle of a scene, over react to mundane things, exit or enter a scene without a reason. If these things sound like a bad idea, this workshop is for you. Real life situations are messy and unpredictable, so maybe, just maybe, your scenes should be as well.


Saturday, November 11th

10:00am: IMPROV WORKSHOP with Kevin Mullaney: Behavior is a Game

Some of the most enjoyable scenic games to play are based in the emotional interplay of the characters. One player’s behavior inspires an impulsive response in their partner. Patterns of behavior emerge and help form a game. Justifications bubble up from your unconscious to make sense of what’s happening which leads to more ideas of how to play the game. Observe your scene partner, call out their behavior, respond impulsively and let the circumstances tumble out to make a game.


12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Megan Gray: Lady Party

Tired of playing the Mom or the Girlfriend in scenes? Tired of playing those scenes in the same predictable situations? ME TOO. Let’s expand our character limits, sharpen our initiations and strengthen our walk-ons and tag-outs. This workshop will focus on making unique choices for ourselves in scenes, even if we get labeled something that might be seen as a setback. We’ll cultivate the female perspective, find strength in our choices, make bold physical moves and do it all amongst a roomful of other female improvisers. There will be additional time for discussion, questions and how to handle ourselves in certain situations on stage.

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Louis Kornfeld: Let it Be

Do you find yourself working too hard in scenes? Do you feel strained or lost or disconnected from your partner? Do you ‘yes,and’ yourself into a corner? Most improvisers can afford to do a lot less in their work, and that’s what this class is all about: making more out of less. Giving yourself time to breath and think. Getting out of your own way. Saying less and meaning more. Sound fun? Indeed it is.


3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Megan Gray: Be Selfish

Are your characters never brought back for callbacks? Are you first to be tagged out? It could be that you haven’t given yourself enough in the first scene. Or maybe you’ve been too supportive of your partner. In either case, you need to focus on you. This workshop will work on finding the essence of your character, then maintaining and growing it. The best thing you can do for your partner is to give yourself something. Be specific, be detailed, make simple choices for yourself from the moment you step into a scene. Let those choices sink in, build on them, make your character a person that you’ll want to explore in every beat. Let’s find that together!


Sunday, November 12th

12:30pm COACHING WORKSHOP with Kevin Mullaney: Practical Coaching

What does it mean to be a good improv coach? For me, being a good coach means keeping players focused on particular skills. It means designing exercises which hit the sweet spot of being challenging without being frustrating. It means giving notes about the things your players are doing right, not just where they could do better. You can sign up as a coach (space is limited) or a player. Each coach will get a chance to run an exercise and then get feedback from Kevin Mullaney on the design of the exercise, the way they introduce and run the exercise, and on the notes they give. Players and other coaches will be trying out the exercises provided by the student coaches.

There will be a Q & A session following the workshop.