Submissions are currently open for the 2019 Festival

We have guests coming from across the country to perform and teach workshops both weekends! Each of the 12 workshops are $50 and run from 2-2.5 hours and are held at the Alchemy Comedy Theater at Coffee Underground. As an early bird offer, you can use the promo code “threefer” to get 10% off if you register for 3 or more workshops! Every year several sell out so be sure to register in advance. The full schedule is below:


Friday, November 2nd

3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Elana Fishbein: Let Yourself Be Vulnerable

This workshop is all about allowing yourself to be more vulnerable as a performer. Exercises will focus on accessing your character’s wants, weaknesses, and emotional core. By tapping into honest, open-hearted, scene-work, participants will walk away with a more vital and satisfying style of play. It’s like therapy, but cheaper… and more funny.


Saturday, November 3rd

10:00am IMPROV WORKSHOP with Gillian Bellinger: Define the Scene

It’s time to get specific! Join us for a workshop to transform your scene work. This will help you define the funny of the scene, make authentic choices, and reveal unconscious habits. Taught by Gillian Bellinger, Second City Hollywood faculty and Los Angeles based improviser, will challenge you to really get honest about where you need to grow in your scene work and add tools to your tool belt to help you on that journey.


12:30pm SKETCH WRITING WORKSHOP with Elena Skopetos: Character Creation

Writing characters for the stage is an essential skill for every comedian. Elena Skopetos, host of “Character Bash” and writer/performer on UCB’s Character’s Welcome, wants to help you take your character writing and performance to the next level! In this workshop we’ll explore character development through pitches, group brainstorming, writing, and performing. You’ll leave the class with a first draft and a clear understanding of how to take a character from abstract idea to polished written piece.

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Elana Fishbein: Yes And for Experts

This workshop is geared for experienced improvisors looking to reinvigorate their scene-work, get out of their heads, and feel like a beginner again. Exercises will focus on using “Yes And” to make improv simple, fun, and effortless! Folks who are in a rut or seem to be struggling with calling back scenes and characters will emerge from this workshop refreshed and ready to jump back on stage. Consider this workshop a spa day for your improv brain.


3:00pm MUSICAL WORKSHOP with Gillian Bellinger: Pump up the JAMS!

Been wishin’ to sing? Understandable! In this workshop, we will cover the basics of music improv through the lens of short form & long form improv comedy. Basic Song structure, set up pay-off, how make and communicate a chorus, musical genres, basic structure of a long form musical, and of course some musical games! Wanna sing your heart out while making everything up on the spot? Come join us.


Sunday, November 4th

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Elena Skopetos: Better Scene Work

Solid scene work is the foundation for a good show. In this workshop, we’ll focus on two person scenes and pinpoint exactly how to play in a way that’s both supportive, grounded, and true to your own comedic sensibilities. Whether you’re good at premise, characters, acting, or just being a goof, we’ll take your skill set and expand it to shine in any situation.


Friday, November 9th

3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Eric Hunicutt: 3 & 4 Person Scene Work Bonanza!

Explore the fun of scenes with more than two people! This workshop outlines the challenges and offers tools for scenes of 3, 4, (and larger) that don’t necessarily exist in the two-person scene. We’ll have some fun with entrances & exits, explore how to work effectively with divided focus, and learn how important it is to be generous in larger scenes.


Saturday, November 10th

10:00am: IMPROV WORKSHOP with Ruby Willmann: Finding the Joy Ass Kicking

Improv should feel like running through an open field, but so often it feels like running an obstacle course while wearing steel boots. This is a feedback heavy, real-talk style bootcamp meant to knock those weights off your shoulders so you can improvise with pure joy. In short, Ruby will be the meanest nicest coach you’ve ever had.


12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Julie Granata-Hunicutt: Movement for Improvisers – SOLD OUT

This workshop explores movement as an essential skill for collaboration, communication, and innovation in improvised work. Students will learn ways of using movement to enhance their work in pairs, groups, and individuals, as well as a vital tool for getting out of the head and into the body. No previous movement or physical acting experience necessary – just come ready to get up and play!!

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Eric Hunicutt: Use the Source, Luke – SOLD OUT

Pulling ideas for scenes from some source material (openings, monologues, a scene) is one of the more heady parts of long form improv. This workshop takes some guesswork out of the process by offering ways to “source” material – what to listen for, how to interpret information from a monologue, a conversation, an opening – and turn it into simple scene initiations that are efficiently and effectively communicated onstage.


3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Ruby Willmann: Narrative Improv (Spoc, Doc and Kirk, oh My!) – SOLD OUT

Star Trek may have been a cultural phenomenon, but it’s also everything you need to dig deep into strong narrative work where characters are crisp and relationships trump plot, but the story-line remains true to the end. Characters (oh those poor red shirts) are sacrificed to heighten the stakes, and we’re never left wondering who the true hero is. In this class, we’ll learn how to skip the boring stuff, get to the juicy stuff, and keep the cast surprising even themselves.


Sunday, November 11th

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Eric Hunicutt: Listen. Respond. Repeat. Now… Discover.

Learn to listen – to really pay attention to what your partner(s) are giving you, word by word. Slow down, breathe, surrender to the scene that’s unfolding rather than the one you think you should be creating. Surrender to what’s right there in front of you – find the scene in your partner and the collaboration. Stop working so hard to create and trust in the power of discovery. If you’re frustrated, struggling, judging yourself in your improv scenes, this workshop is for you. Show up and everything else will happen.

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