We have guests coming from across the country to perform and teach workshops both weekends! Each of the ten workshops are $50, run from 2-2.5 hours, and are held at the Alchemy Comedy Theater at Coffee Underground. As an early bird offer, you can use the promo code “threefer” to get 10% off if you register for 3 or more workshops! Some workshops are already sold out so be sure to register in advance. The full schedule is below:


Friday, November 8th, 2019

3:00pm STAND-UP WORKSHOP with Joel Byars: The Clean Comedy Formula

Writing clean material is easier than you think. If you want to start getting booked more, invest in creating material that more people want to book. This two hour workshop is going to use proven joke formulas and writing techniques to recycle your dirty jokes into polished bits ready for any audience. Join us!


Saturday, November 9th

10:00am WORKSHOP with William Kean: Art of the Joke, Adding Humor into Public SpeakingNOT AVAILABLE

Comedian William Goulet Kean will teach you simple ways to make anything funny from a personal story to the driest presentation. The seminar will begin with the fundamentals of the psychology behind laughter and the components of a joke. Next, you’ll be given simple comedy structures that can be inserted into any prepared topic and given ways to communicate so that your intended punchline lands. Finally, all of the learnings will culminate in a practical application of how to talk to your audience and tactics for unprepared jokes when things go off topic.


12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Corey Brown: Fundamentals of Game

The game of the scene is a very broad term that is defined in many different ways. This workshop will teach you to stop pushing to create games, and will use the basics which you already to know, to find a game that you might not know already exists.


3:00pm PODCAST WORKSHOP with Joel Byars: It’s Time to Start Your Podcast – NOT AVAILABLE

Learn everything you need to start a podcast. With over 1500 hours of podcasting experience, Joel Byars is giving you all his secrets about what equipment you need, how to build your audience, and start your own successful podcast. He has been hosting the award winning Hot Breath! Podcast for over four years and has grown his show into a comedy education network featuring interviews with comedians like Cedric the Entertainer, Bo Burnham and over 200 others. Join the workshop and then see his live show immediately after!


Sunday, November 10th

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with William Kean: The Scene Within Your Short-form Game

Take your Short Form to the next level by finding your own games within the predefined game. Learn to juggle all the nuisance and freedom of a Long Form scene while maintaining the structure of Short Form. If you liked Inception, you’ll like going deeper into the layers of fun.



Friday, November 15th

3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Craig Cackowski: Sustaining a Scene

Sure, your scenework’s pretty good. But can you do a 10-minute scene? A 20-minute scene? An hourlong scene? Craig Cackowski shares some of the techniques he’s learned about long. slow, patient scenework from his years working with such groups as Dasariski and Quartet.


Saturday, November 16th

10:00am: SKETCH WRITING WORKSHOP with Carla Cackowski: Writing Sketch Comedy for Stage & Screen

In this sketch comedy workshop, you will learn how to take your comedic ideas from premise to fully fleshed out script. Students will brainstorm ideas with the group and then learn a seven beat structure Carla has used while writing sketch shows for stage and video. Each participant will walk away with new techniques for pitching, outlining, and writing dialogue for the hilarious sketches that they can then go off and produce themselves!


12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Hannah Aslesen: Character WheelhouseSOLD OUT

Every improv scene is a series of choices. Similarly, creating a character boils down to choice – your choice. As you step out on stage, or in the seconds you have while the lights are down between scenes, you have a decision to make. Yep, you read that right, seconds to make a decision. Sounds intense, right? Well it won’t for long! In this workshop we work through different tools (physicality, emotion, vocals, and environment) to showcase how characters can emerge quickly and naturally through discovery, rather than invention. These instruments of choice will give you the ultimate “character tool belt” and allow for greater creative freedom and confidence on stage.


3:00pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Craig Cackowski: JTS Brown (note: at least 1 year improv experience required)

Learn one of the most challenging, freeing, and legendary improv forms from the original director of JTS Brown, Craig Cackowski. Created by an ensemble formed by Ike Barinholtz and Jason Sudeikis in Chicago in the late ‘90s, the original JTS Brown were renowned for their transformational, dream-like style of play. Craig will teach you the techniques behind the form, and you’ll learn how to play within a large ensemble with instant support and no judgment.



Sunday, November 17th

12:30pm IMPROV WORKSHOP with Carla Cackowski: Let’s Be Real Here – SOLD OUT

Every improviser at one time or another has gotten the note, “Be more grounded.” But what does that really mean and how do I do it onstage? If the audience can recognize where your characters are coming from, then they can relax and connect to the heart of what you’re doing up there. This workshop is all about discovering ways to help you slow down and create recognizable human behavior, even if the circumstances of your scene are mermaids in a fishbowl or one million otherworldly things!

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