2nd Weekend Workshop Instructors

With our performer submissions now closed our production team is hard at work reviewing videos. In the meantime, we wanted to announce the instructors for the 2nd weekend of the festival (Nov 12 & 13th). For the last several years we’ve brought the best improv instructors from across the country. This year is no different.

Elizabeth Byland (better known as EB) holds a joint faculty appointment at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va as the Head of Improv with the School of the Arts and the Director of Applied Health Improv with the Center for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care. She serves on the Board of Directors with ComedySportz Richmond, performs as a company member with Coalition Theatre, founder of her own non-profit organization called Comedy Connects, and a co-founder of Queen City Comedy, as well as a professional film/television actor.

EB provides a unique opportunity for those of all learning abilities, backgrounds, and experiences to learn, grow, play, and express themselves creatively in a safe and positive environment while utilizing the techniques of improvisation. Elizabeth holds a BFA in Acting from Northern Kentucky University and an MFA in Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and professional improv training from iO Chicago (levels 1- 5B).

She brings her joyful energy, along with her 12 years of teaching experience and 17 years of performance experience, and a mission to help others reconnect and say “YES” to life!

Currently, she coaches three college improv teams from VCU and she performs on two duo teams: BABE and Bianchi and Byland. She’s performed at The Tampa Improv Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Fest, Queen City Comedy Experience, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, 2nd Best Comedy Fest, Festivus, Miami Improv Festival, Charm City Improv Festival, VB Comedy Fest, Norfolk Comedy Festival, and the Chicago College Improv Tournament, along with performing at regional theaters across the Southeast.

Jenn Bianchi is an improvisor, educator, and actor based in the Chapel Hill, NC area. She performs weekly with ComedyWorx in addition to teaching classes and workshops online with The Peoples Improv Theater in New York City. She is on faculty and a performer with the Queen City Comedy Global Improv project working with students across the globe. Jenn is an active member of the Southeastern improv scene for the last decade producing multiple festivals in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill as well as leading workshops at various improv festivals. She is a winner of the Global Improv Projects 3-on-3 tournament with her all-female team Burnett Brigade as well as the ComedySportz Richmond 2021 Spring Rumble Winner with duo partner Elizabeth Byland.

Together these amazingly talented improvisers make up the duo team Bianchi&Byland. You can not only see them on stage at the New South Comedy Festival, but also in our workshops opening later this month!

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