Stand-up and Sketch Comedy Kickoff the Festival

We’ve got amazing improv and stand-up comedy headliners coming in the second half of the festival, but first there are several days of amazing sketch comedy from the Southeast and stand-up comedy from all coasts!


Stand-up shows hosted by Jason Farr (Greenville) and William Kean (NYC)

Tonight at both 7:30 and at 9pm we’ve got stand-up comics from Charlotte, Atlanta, Knoxville, NYC, Los Angeles, and right here in the Upstate. Friday and Saturday has so many wonderful stand-up and improv shows we can’t possibly tease them all here. However, we’ll highlight a few of our sketch comedy headliners (who are also teaching some workshops this weekend):


All sketch shows feature other groups like Robot Johnson (CLT) Nameless Numberhead (CHAS), Pineapple-Shaped Lamps (WILM)

Mark Kendall’s one man show, The Magic Negro and Other Blackness (Friday and Saturday), uses comedic sketches, improv, and character pieces to examine the representation of black males in the media. Here he is discussing the show on Atlanta’s NPR. Have you ever pondered the idea that Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham might be racially charged? And just whose uncle is Uncle Ben? Well, maybe it’s time to take a closer look. From prison to white flight, Aunt Jemima, and even Reading Rainbow – this show explores some of the ways these images influence our views on race in everyday life. Word to your mother. But not the n-word.

AJ Schraeder brings two different sketch comedy shows to the festival this year. His group Unstoppable Failure (Friday) brings a healthy dose of absurdity with a heaping of social satire. His one man show Thunderstood (Saturday) is multimedia one man sketch show that has been performed at comedy festivals across the U.S. and Canada. Armed with a projector and a truly odd point of view AJ Schraeder takes you through a stream of conscious presentation of how he sees reality and in the end you’ll be happy you aren’t as weird as him. For a full schedule of all shows and workshops head over to


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