Comedy Festival Begins Tonight with Stand-up, Sketch, and Improv Comedy

This Thursday at both 7:30pm and at 9:00pm the festival starts off with stand-up comics from New York City, Atlanta, Raleigh, and across South Carolina. Friday and Saturday has so many wonderful stand-up, sketch, and improv shows and workshops scroll down and we’ll highlight a few of our festival picks.

Friday night features 4 different shows with all kinds of funny. Sketch comedy, Stand-up comedy. Improv comedy. Improvised Stand-up Comedy! 9:00pm is our Stand-up meets Local Legends show with stand-up comedy from New York, D.C., and L.A.; then stay for the second half as we feature improvisers from across the country playing with Greenville’s best.

Saturday night’s shows start with a free live podcast at 6pm with Atlanta comedian Joel Byars interviewing festival founder Harrison Brookie. That’s followed by sketch comedy at 7:30pm and improv comedy at 9pm. Immediately after that, stay for the biggest show of the weekend, our Mid-festival finale at 10:30pm. It’s is a combo stand-up, improv and sketch comedy blowout.

And that’s just the first weekend. We’ve got shows for the next 10 straight days!


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